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                                             and as you'd probably expect, I am a lifelong animal lover, fortunate to grow up around dogs and other pets since I was five years old.  For the past six years in my spare time, I have enjoyed volunteering multiple days a week as a dog handler and walker for a local animal shelter, where I have also gone through training to work with their tougher resident cases. I found working with the shy, fearful, or withdrawn personalities especially rewarding.  Although I am a classical musician by trade, because so much of my time involved animals, it only made since to explore further options in that direction.  Earlier in 2019, I began walking and sitting with the Wag! and Rover platforms, and later that year, I began my own private business around the Pittsburgh area. I sincerely adore interacting with all kinds of dogs, and I would love to meet and spend time with yours!

I am a very active individual who loves going on walks through our Pittsburgh parks as well as just around the neighborhood streets, and a canine companion always makes time outdoors even better.  Of course, if your baby is more of a certified couch potato, I am more than happy to provide my expert cuddling skills! For any activity preferences or fears of certain areas and situations, please let me know ahead of time so that I can do my best to accommodate your friend's needs!

My name is Sarah,

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