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At the moment, services are provided in the neighborhoods of

Squirrel Hill, Oakland, Greenfield, Shadyside, Point Breeze, Edgewood, and Regent Square, from mid morning until early evening.


20 minute walk

(one dog $15, two dogs $20)

A shorter option for dogs that need a quick outing to stretch their legs and check out the neighborhood during the day.

30 minute walk

(one dog $20, two dogs $25)

A standard walk that generally includes 25 minutes of walking as well as a little playtime or food and water refresh at the end.

Drop-in Visits

20 minute visit

(one dog $15, two dogs $20)

A shorter visit for dogs that don't require a full walk - the visit can include a potty break, meal set-up, playtime, or simply cuddles!

30 minute visit

(one dog $20, two dogs $25)

A slightly longer drop-in that includes

any of the above mentioned.

Nienna 2.JPEG


Overnight at your home

(one dog $70, two dogs $80)

We will arrive at your location in the evening and leave in the morning after a 10 to 12 hour visit.  Evening and morning walks will be provided as well as any meals as directed, and of course, plenty of playtime and company. In-home sitting is a more comfortable option for senior or anxious dogs, or any dogs that would prefer a familiar environment while you're away.


For any service, please let me know ahead of time about any fears, habits, quirky or aggressive behaviors that your dog has so that

I can make our visit as smooth and stress-free for them as possible!

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