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Walk & Visit Arrangements

For any long-term or recurring services,

a meet & greet is included at no extra charge to allow both humans and dogs to get to know each other.  Please provide access information at this time, such as any keys or codes as well as vet information, dog waste disposal location, allergies, or personality quirks.

Although I do my best to accommodate specific times, certain times of day are generally more popular than others. Therefore, typical walks and visits require a 60 to 90 minute time range in which to complete the service.


Payment, Changes, & Cancellations

Payment requests will be sent ahead of each week for the services agreed upon and should be paid no later than Sunday evening in order to keep the reserved time(s). If payment is not received by then, a 25% late fee will be added.

Adjustments (length or type of service) may be made when given notice the day before. If notified the day of the service, a change may be possible but cannot be guaranteed. Cancellations are also accepted when given a day's notice, and any credits from an unused service will be transferred to the following week. Cancellations made within four hours of a service will have to be charged.

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